Donald Trump’s inauguration took place January 20th, 2017 around noon in Washington D.C. During his speech he discussed the, “power being given back to the people” and how, “the people are once again the rulers of this country.”

 America as a whole must team up against gangs, drugs, and violence that has stolen so many lives because their suffering is our suffering since America is one nation

-Donald Trump

With the media, many of those who don’t know him personally, spouting negatives on Trump, many question, what is Trump really like? It seems no one really holds a clear, unbiased opinion. Logically, no one should want Trump to fail because this would lead to the failure of America as a whole.

It appears people are far from happy with the results of the election. Multiple people parading around with signs saying, “Not my president.” Others protesting Trump’s title.  Meanwhile President Barack Obama talked about Trump in his farewell speech and the crowd started to boo. He quickly told the crowd not to boo him and even promised that president elect will have a smooth transition and that his cabin/ council will make sure of it.

Ray Brown also met with trump, “I fell in love with him because he really talks about helping African-American, black people and that’s why I’m here,” Brown told news station CNN after the meeting. He later admitted that while he didn’t personally vote for Trump, he admires him for “surviving” the election.

Many others who have differences with Trump also were able to sit down with him and discuss their differences and not a single one of them endured a negative experience. This may cause people to wonder if Trump’s method is a way of getting attention, does he actually mean it, or is it all a cover? Only time can tell where America will end up with Donald Trump.