On Tuesday, February 14th Makorobondo “Dee” Salukombo was welcomed into Barberton High School to share his story and inspire our ninth grade class. Ninth grader, Mavis, came to America from Ghana 5 years ago and had the honor of introducing our speaker.

Dee shared his story about being a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and coming to the United States in 2004. He faced many hardship in the Congo and as a refugee in Uganda. Despite all of his difficulties, his parents were passionate about him receiving a strong education. He and his family came to America with nothing but a second chance at a new life while Dee strived to make the most of his educational opportunities. Dee started an organization called, “Project Kirotshe,” after graduating from Lakewood High School and Denison University. The organization was named after his hometown in the Congo.

The video attached represents Dee’s kind heart and down-to-earth personality. He has passed down his traits with not only the children in Congo, but now the ninth graders at Barberton High School. We would like to thank Dee for inspiring our teachers and students and sharing his incredible story.