Sunday’s No Mercy pay per view had a rather lackluster card. First, on the kickoff show we had Elias v Crews. This match had little to no build going into it. The match was added the Friday before the show. No one was really interested in the match itself. Throughout the match it was rather evenly matched. Closer to the end however Crews made a small mistake leading to Elias getting the pinfall.

Next, we start the main show. First match on the card was Miz v Jason Jordan, Miz defending his Intercontinental championship. Jordan got this shot by winning a fatal 5 way on Raw earlier that week. I believe that Jordan was not suppose to be in that spot. Jeff Hardy got injured during the match on Raw and if he wouldn’t have I know he would have won the shot. But nonetheless Jordan looked to have the match won after controlling most if not all of the match, until “The Miztouage” (a group of goons The Miz keeps to help him win) got involved while the ref’s back was turned leading to a skull crushing finale for the win and The Miz to retain.

Next on the card Balor v Wyatt. This feud has been happening for what seems like forever. This is all together their 3rd match on pay per view alone. Needless to say no one was very into the match. Wyatt attacked Balor before the match up and it looked as if the match itself wasn’t going to happen but as soon as Wyatt hit the mic to trash talk him he turned around and made his way back to the ring. Throughout the entire match Balor had most if not all of the offense leading to him getting the pinfall. Up Next on the card was Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins v Sheamus and Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Championships.

The newly reunited brothers in arms Ambrose and Rollins were white hot off not only their reuniting but also having won the titles off Sheamus and Cesaro at the biggest party of the summer Summerslam. The biggest point the challengers seemed to make was can Rollins and Ambrose really stay on the same page. The match itself was a very high pace, high energy encounter. The offense was all Sheamus and Cesaro. Rollins and Ambrose seemed to have small bursts of energy but the self proclaimed “Bar” always seemed to be just one step ahead. You had to believe that they were walking out with the titles until in one final gasp Ambrose and Rollins hit the double team and get the pinfall to retain their titles. It was an extremely hard fought match and you had to give props to Cesaro having got his two front teeth shoved up into his gums and still somehow managing to put on such an entertaining match.

Next on the card was the Fatal 5 Way for the Raw Women’s championship. The five women involved being Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, Emma, Bayley and the champion Alexa Bliss. The story leading in was the fall apart of Bliss and Jax’s friendship and the return of Bayley. The woman (Bayley) had been out for months with a shoulder injury and had returned the Monday before the pay per view and for seemingly no reason thrown in the match. The match was extremely clumsy and seemed to be going nowhere until Jax hit her slam and Bliss throw her into the ring pole to get the pin on Emma to retain her championship.

Next on the card was probably the match more built up then the main event Reigns v Cena. The build up had some admittedly good promo work. Reigns who usually seems stale and bland on the mic had some pure genius lines. Cena had a few good shots of his own. The match was fairly well matched both meeting the other at every turn. Up until Reigns hit a spear for the pinfall victory. At the end of the match Cena and Reigns embraced and Cena raised Reigns’ hand. Which in storyline made little to no sense. After the match the crowd took to chanting “Thank You Cena.”

Next on the card was Amore v Neville for the cruiserweight championship. Amore having just got out of a feud with his ex best friend Cass had just joined 205 Live and for some reason got a title shoot. The match was rather boring and lacked excitement but when the Ref had his back turned Amore hit Neville with a cheap shot to win the title.

Finally the main event of the show Lesnar v Strowman for the Universal Championship. The build up was rather exciting even if Lensar rarely showed up to Raw. It is just one of those matches that doesn’t need much build it is just exciting. The match was huge let down. We were expecting Lesnar to get a beating but instead Lesnar hit him with a few suplexes and an F5 and retain with a pinfall.