It’s October, and thus- time to get spooky! I know there are a lot of artists in this school, (If you have any art you want featured, leave a comment) and a fun project for artists is inktober. Inktober is a project for artists to participate in online. There really aren’t any rules, and it’s ok if you don’t complete everything on time. The goal of inktober is to complete an illustration everyday based on a prompt, of which there are many lists out there. I think this project is especially useful as it not only gets you in the halloween spirit, but using only inks for your finished pieces can really improve your linework.

A good list to start with is this one!

The goal is to get creative with these prompts! You can interpret them however you want, and you can color with markers of other inks! Share your art in the comments! I have attached one of my Inktober pieces for this year to give an idea of the goal and show I’m participating!