iOS 11 has finally released to apple users across the globe, but many users are torn on whether downloading it is worth the trouble. In the past users have had to endure many glitches from files disappearing to limited phone access, leaving people wondering what iOS 11 has to offer. I, myself was skeptical at first too, but after having downloaded it, I’m glad that I did. iOS 11 came jam packed with new features affecting almost every aspect of your mobile device, from display to siri, to google maps, everything is running smooth, fresh, and to be desired.

In the upper left corner the signal display now consists of bars rather than bubbles
iMessages have been redesigned
The Contact app has been redesigned
The App Store has been completely remodeled inside and out.
iMessage Stickers are now correspondent with the apps you have downloaded.
Password and In call screens have been updated
Tool Bar has been given a new look and is now 100% customizable.
Notifications window is now using your lock screen picture as a backdrop.

Siri has been given a new design.
You can now type your question rather than using your microphone.
Siri has new voices that sound more human.
Siri now collects information about you to tailor your mobile experience to your needs similarly to Google Now.
Siri can now translate five languages that include, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Spanish.

Google Maps
Now there is one handed zoom, where you can zoom using only one finger.
All new “flyover mode” that allows you to get a top 3D view of any location.

Screenshots now appear in the lower lefthand corner of the screen and are now able to be edited by clicking on the screenshot as it appears.
You can now record all activity on your screen in real time.
Live photos can now be trimmed and edited just like videos
Live photo thumbnails can be changed.
Camera now comes with a leveling tool.
Camera now has a built in QR code reader which eliminates the need for a third part app.

There is now an all new files app.
Allows you to organize and edit icloud files on your mobile device.
Safari has disabled the ability for you to be tracked from one website to another for the use of soliciting ads.
All of your Health app information can now be uploaded to the cloud and accessed from any of your devices.

New Features
New “Do Not Disturb While Driving” setting that detects when you are in a vehicle and silences notifications to prevent distractions while driving.
Wifi Quick password sharing now allows you to connect a fellow iphone user to the wifi without entering a password.
Automatic App removal is a new feature that detects when you are running low on storage and will remove one of your less used apps and then redownload it when you have sufficient storage restoring all information so you do not lose any progress.
SOS calling can now be activated by clicking the power button 5 times, and information will be sent to your emergency contact as well as your local police department.
New keyboard options for one handed typing, the keyboard will shift to the left or the right to allow for easier access with one hand.
Money can now be sent through imessage with a fingerprint identification.

iOS 11 For iPads
A new expanded doc that is now accessible by sliding up no matter what you are doing on the device.
A new app switcher makes switching between apps run smoother.
New drag and drop feature allows you to drag an item from one app and drop into another.
Quicktype keyboard now makes it easier to switch between letters and symbols with a flicking motion.
Systemwide support for the Apple Pen

iOS 11 came packed with features, updates, and all new ways to run your mobile device efficiently and simply. Apple has yet again, released an update that will sit well with users, with new features that benefit every type of person. iOS 11 is the next step in a simple yet elegant future for the mobile device experience.