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Author: Payton Hoffman

Olympic Runner Inspires Barberton High School’s 9th Grade Class

On Tuesday, February 14th Makorobondo “Dee” Salukombo was welcomed into Barberton High School to share his story and inspire our ninth grade class. Ninth grader, Mavis, came to America from Ghana 5 years ago and had the honor of introducing our speaker.

Dee shared his story about being a refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and coming to the United States in 2004. He faced many hardship in the Congo and as a refugee in Uganda. Despite all of his difficulties, his parents were passionate about him receiving a strong education. He and his family came to America with nothing but a second chance at a new life while Dee strived to make the most of his educational opportunities. Dee started an organization called, “Project Kirotshe,” after graduating from Lakewood High School and Denison University. The organization was named after his hometown in the Congo.

The video attached represents Dee’s kind heart and down-to-earth personality. He has passed down his traits with not only the children in Congo, but now the ninth graders at Barberton High School. We would like to thank Dee for inspiring our teachers and students and sharing his incredible story.


Didn’t Watch The Super Bowl? Here’s What You Missed.

On Sunday, February 5th, Super Bowl 51 filled the TV’s of many football lovers. The New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons took the field leaving many people on the edge of their sofa’s the entire game. The New England Patriots have participated in 9 total Super Bowls, and as of Sunday, won five of them. But sitting through the game, we expected a different turnout. At halftime, The Falcons were in the lead with a 21-3 score. The Patriots slowly crept up on the Atlanta team during the second half making it the first Super Bowl to go into overtime. The game ended 34-28 with the Patriots turning the game around and defeating the Falcons.

Football wasn’t the only exciting part about Super Bowl 51. Lady Gaga flew into halftime and took every one by surprise. Yes, she actually flew. Gaga started her show on the roof with a mash-up of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land” before jumping down to the field bonded by a rope. Making it to her set, she performed many well known songs, while including a new one. “Poker Face,” “Born This Way,” “Hello, Hello,” “Just Dance,” “Million Reasons,” and “Bad Romance” were iconically sung and danced to while she hugged fans between songs. The performance included many costume changes and several backup dancers. It was truly fun to watch and quickly took over the internet.

With The Patriots making a significant comeback defeat against The Falcons, Lady Gaga putting on an amazing halftime performance, and Tom Brady now having enough NFL championship rings to fill one hand. Super Bowl 51 is now one for the books.

Grease Hand Jives its Way into the BHS Theater this Spring

“Grab your poodle skirts and leather jackets. It’s going to be a wild, electrifying ride”
Zach Wilson

The 1978 movie Grease continues to entertain from generation to generation, but will Grease lovers actually be familiar with the show The Barberton High School Vocal Music Department will be putting on in March?

While enjoying the show, the audience will notice that this version of Grease is very unfamiliar to those who have never watched the musical. The scenes and actions of the characters are nothing like the movie. Love interests, the characters’ personalities, and scenes are all switched up. The viewer may even say, “This is not Grease.”

Sometimes different is good. Mrs. Petrarca, the theater director, has this to say about the upcoming musical, “Grease is a highly energetic, fun event that should be entertaining to all. If you enjoy dancing, joking, and a little bit of drama you won’t be disappointed.” The entire cast is filled with great talent and dedicated members who plan to make this musical one to remember. You can catch Zachary Wilson as Danny Zuko and Faith Fetherston as Sandy Olson. The cast is working hard and quickly getting things ready for the spring.

Don’t forget to purchase a ticket in March for a show full of dancing, singing, and fun, to support your BHS vocal music department. The show will run on March 23rd, until March 26th.

“Grease is a highly energetic, fun event that should be entertaining to all. If you enjoy dancing, joking, and a little bit of drama you won’t be disappointed.”
-Mrs. Petrarca


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