It is always a good sign whenever any president makes taking positive steps related to your industry a top priority.  That is definitely the case here, given that the President chose to issue these orders just four days into his new Administration.

-David Blackmon (Contributor and Analyst from

The first week of the Trump Presidency has brought a cluster of firestorm and controversy. Whether it has been about the violent riots that surrounded the inauguration ceremony, or one of the President’s controversial executive orders, one can agree that the transition of power has been one full of anxiety. However, since his swearing in, President Trump is all in on his agenda to bring this country back to the dominant power in the world that our nation was once recognized as. A flurry of executive orders and other bill creations are taking our country full swing into a new era of Washington.  Whether you agree with the President or not, he is making good decisions for the majority of the American people, and it has indeed started the long road to “making America great again.”

The most recent executive order he is carrying is to allow the construction of two major oil pipelines that will run through the northern midwest. These being the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines respectively. These two pipelines will pump ethical, Canadian oil into our country. However, the main reason that this was a great decision is that according to President Trump, will create “twenty-eight thousand jobs.”

“We’ll see if we can get the pipeline built. A lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs.”

-President Trump

On top of the job creation, it potentially gives the United States a fresh and more plentiful supply of crude oil which can be used for anything from gasoline to plastics. The benefits of that seem to be endless. For example, gas prices could potentially fall, petroleum engineers now have bigger job opportunities to put their skills to use, and etcetera. The cherry on top of all this is that we can keep more of our soldiers safe, since we hopefully won’t have to send as many if any men overseas to remove oil from a hostile country like Saudi Arabia or Iraq.


Of course, passing this order is being met with some opposition from the inhabitants of the area where the pipeline passes through, and other environmentalists who insist Trump change his mind.

“President Trump will live to regret his actions this morning, he will meet a wall of resistance the likes of which he never imagined”

-Michael Brune

The argument of the pipelines hurting the environment seems to be a little unnecessary, as the majority of the land the pipeline will go through is empty land which is mainly flat and plain filled. Also, the pipelines will not be close to any immediate bodies of water. Though it may be hard to see for some, the construction of this pipeline is an obvious good decision. Hopefully, many more decisions like this are passed so that the great citizens of this country, along with President Trump, can make America great again.

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