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Grease Hand Jives its Way into the BHS Theater this Spring

“Grab your poodle skirts and leather jackets. It’s going to be a wild, electrifying ride”
Zach Wilson

The 1978 movie Grease continues to entertain from generation to generation, but will Grease lovers actually be familiar with the show The Barberton High School Vocal Music Department will be putting on in March?

While enjoying the show, the audience will notice that this version of Grease is very unfamiliar to those who have never watched the musical. The scenes and actions of the characters are nothing like the movie. Love interests, the characters’ personalities, and scenes are all switched up. The viewer may even say, “This is not Grease.”

Sometimes different is good. Mrs. Petrarca, the theater director, has this to say about the upcoming musical, “Grease is a highly energetic, fun event that should be entertaining to all. If you enjoy dancing, joking, and a little bit of drama you won’t be disappointed.” The entire cast is filled with great talent and dedicated members who plan to make this musical one to remember. You can catch Zachary Wilson as Danny Zuko and Faith Fetherston as Sandy Olson. The cast is working hard and quickly getting things ready for the spring.

Don’t forget to purchase a ticket in March for a show full of dancing, singing, and fun, to support your BHS vocal music department. The show will run on March 23rd, until March 26th.

“Grease is a highly energetic, fun event that should be entertaining to all. If you enjoy dancing, joking, and a little bit of drama you won’t be disappointed.”
-Mrs. Petrarca


Women’s March on Washington Takes America by Storm

Thousands of men and women across America gathered in the biggest cities in order to show their support for women’s rights after President Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017. It was during these protests that people voiced their opinions and oppositions against the newest president. An estimated 500,000 people attended the Women’s March on Washington alone, along with large gatherings in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, New York, St. Paul, and Los Angeles. According to on sight witnesses, the protest was as peaceful as it gets as thousands of people descended on the National Mall, with zero arrests, which is sharp in contrast to the 230 arrests during the anti-Trump protest the Friday earlier. Reports show that police were civil while participants were spreading positivity about their cause. Celebrities including Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, and Ariana Grande made their appearance at marches across the country, showing their support for Planned Parenthood, women’s rights, and the fight against misogyny. Madonna gave a speech in Washington, expressing her beliefs, and ending it with “I hope that people don’t just forget today. I don’t know what will come of it legally, but for it just to disappear is not okay.”

“The Women’s March making history as the largest protest in US history with an estimated 2.9 million Americans is undeniable proof that the people of our nation will never lie down and give up their rights as humans nor will we continue to allow anyone to oppress the rights of others. To me the march is ultimately a symbol of hope and compassion for humanity and will certainly leave its mark on our country and its politics in the coming years.”

 – Madelyn Scoville, 12th grade


“As a teenager and a feminist, it was extremely encouraging and comforting to know that there are millions of other people who are willing to speak up for the issues that directly affect and concern me

– Lily Metsker, 10th grade

Trump’s President…Now what?

Donald Trump’s inauguration took place January 20th, 2017 around noon in Washington D.C. During his speech he discussed the, “power being given back to the people” and how, “the people are once again the rulers of this country.”

 America as a whole must team up against gangs, drugs, and violence that has stolen so many lives because their suffering is our suffering since America is one nation

-Donald Trump

With the media, many of those who don’t know him personally, spouting negatives on Trump, many question, what is Trump really like? It seems no one really holds a clear, unbiased opinion. Logically, no one should want Trump to fail because this would lead to the failure of America as a whole.

It appears people are far from happy with the results of the election. Multiple people parading around with signs saying, “Not my president.” Others protesting Trump’s title.  Meanwhile President Barack Obama talked about Trump in his farewell speech and the crowd started to boo. He quickly told the crowd not to boo him and even promised that president elect will have a smooth transition and that his cabin/ council will make sure of it.

Ray Brown also met with trump, “I fell in love with him because he really talks about helping African-American, black people and that’s why I’m here,” Brown told news station CNN after the meeting. He later admitted that while he didn’t personally vote for Trump, he admires him for “surviving” the election.

Many others who have differences with Trump also were able to sit down with him and discuss their differences and not a single one of them endured a negative experience. This may cause people to wonder if Trump’s method is a way of getting attention, does he actually mean it, or is it all a cover? Only time can tell where America will end up with Donald Trump.

Barberton High School Reacts to School Threat on Social Media

On December 18, 2016, Barberton High School received a threat on an app called “After School”. Security was briefly amped up, with police officers at every entrance.  Many parents were outraged that school wasn’t cancelled due to the threat. Social media was ablaze with fear on that day. I was not afraid and made the decision to attend school to see what was going to happen. Attendance was at an all time low.. My largest classes were mostly empty and I left after 5th period. This incident exposes the power that social media has on our lives. The students who made the threat were disciplined by BHS administration. I made a video documenting my day.

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